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You will be able to understand why your child does the things they do. Say the things they say, or why they don't say anything at all. Learn what your child feels, how they dream, what they need from you.

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The insights you will gain into your child's mind are invaluable. You are able to see through the eyes of someone with autism. This first person perspective allows you to better understand and connect with your child.

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QUESTION ANSWERED: Will My Child Have a Romantic Relationship Someday?

Understand what a person with autism feels and thinks about love, romance, and having a family.

Learn Why Your Child is Speech Delayed or Silent

Tyler was non-verbal until age six, at 12 he spoke in full sentences. Learn the surprising reasons that your child may be speech delayed or silent.


Learn strategies to reduce or even eliminate meltdowns. Become aware of when your child is starting to be overwhelmed by sensory. Identify triggers so you can manage or avoid them.


Bullying comes in many forms. Oftentimes we define bullying in terms of physical action, but it's actually the words and verbal abuse that create the most damage. Being bullied is serious. It creates fear, stress, and sadness. There are several key strategies to immediately stop bullying now!


• Personal Space • Adulthood •Using a Counselor • Social Services

• Getting a Job • How I Learned to Speak • Sitting in Silence

• Understanding Everything, Communicating Nothing

• Learning Expressions • Repetition • Signals • Sensory • Animals

• Color • The Importance of Community • Imagination • Inhuman Friendships

• Fantasy -vs- Reality • Toys • Noises • Triggers • Depression

• Habits • Anxiety • Stimming • Using Technology • Gaining Confidence

• Working with Teachers • IEP • Learn Responsibility • Gaining Independence

• Special Education • School • Diet • Medication • Structure and Routine

• Video Games • Celebrations • Television and Video • Outbursts

• Expected -vs- Unexpected Behavior • Stop, Look, Listen, Learn

Presented by International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader on Autism- Tyler McNamer

Tyler has been faced with many challenges, including being diagnosed with autism. Tyler has embraced his differences and continuously overcomes his challenges.

Tyler's unique vision and leadership have made an impact on millions of people around the world. His desire to help people, has made him sought-after in the autism community.

Tyler believes that anyone can overcome the label of autism by finding and developing their unique ability.

He is the author of the best selling book Population ONE: Autism, Adversity, and The Will to Succeed. He is also the founder of Autismworks, a digital media company that produces programming that helps to make autism more workable.

Tyler provides a unique perspective that allows you to "see through the eyes' of someone with autism. Providing extraordinary insight, helps you deepen your relationship with the person that you care for with autism.

Don't Take My Word For It:

"Thank you for all your tips, very helpful to understand people/children with autism. We have a grandson that will be 10 next month with all the symptoms of autism. His mother made an appointment with a pediatric neurologist. We'll see what happens next. All positive we're hoping. Take care."


Anita Duenes

"I love your videos and posts! my beautiful grandson Jaxon is 5 yrs old and sometime we don't always understand his ways.... you have helped us bridge that communication gap and I want to thank you."


Michelle Webb

"Thank you so much for the time you give to explaining your Autism. I work with small children who have Autism and your words give me a wonderful insight into why the kids have a need to do certain things. This helps me in supporting them with a clearer understanding. You are a wonderful young man. Once again, thank you."


Joan Laverty

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